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We’re getting married.
Harshad & Swapnaja

on January 4th 2016, Zambare Palace, Pune

About Us

Thank you so much for visiting our wedding website! We are so excited to celebrate our special day with our family and friends.


I’ve got butterflies in my stomach and a hundred emotions swirling in and out of my head. I’m up to my ears in votive candles, and the pink pen I use for my wedding to-do list is running out of ink. I have just few days until I change from “Miss” to “Mrs.”

The days are ticking down, and I realize I’m a ball of unsorted emotions—happy, sad, nervous, anxious, tired, nostalgic, and even scared. I’m not the glowing bride full of joy and excitement I thought I’d be—the bride I’d like to be. I’m quickly learning that getting married isn’t made up of one big happy emotion. It’s made up of a whole gamut of emotions, and I haven’t been fully embracing them, until now.


Love takes work and when two people work together towards the same goal, amazing things happen. But expectations about what that goal looks like need to be very clear so that nobody is let down.
Imperfect people trying to perfectly love each other can be pretty messy sometimes. Forgive, communicate, say sorry, and realize that there will be bumps in the road. It’s okay.
The parts of you that you are afraid to let anyone see, is what your partner needs to know the most about you. Going through life feeling like you have to deal with hard things on your own is lonely, scary, and pretty impossible to deal with.
Life has more meaning when your focus is on someone else’s happiness other than your own.
You are deserving of someone being absolutely, completely, head over heels in love with you.

Our Program

Haldi Samarambh

Sunday 3rd Jan. 2016


Monday 4th Jan. 2016


4th Jan. 2016 - 12PM to 3.30PM


4th Jan. 2016 - 3.30PM Onward

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